Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas In Nashville

Christmas was always a magical time of year for me as a child. Houses with the way their lights would glow upon glistening snow at night always had a calming effect. Falling asleep to the warm glow of Christmas tree lights while watching holiday movies on Hallmark in awe that I soon would wake to see Santa Claus. Making sure to give him a big glass of milk & we must not forget the yummy cookies to go with. I loved the presents don't get me wrong but I think more then anything I just loved the enchantment of Christmas & excitement of mystery that revolved during December.

Stock Photos: Milk and cookies for Santa. Image: 11259883

How nice it would be to be a child once again. To relive the excitement of Christmas magic. But sadly as we get older we come to learn that Santa & the North Pole are merely no more then made up stories. Even though I still love Christmas it is just not the same to me any longer instead It has gained new meaning to me since being an adult. I now realize that even though I no longer get to have that Christmas magic that someday I will have babies whom will get to enjoy it & I will get to relive it through their eyes! I cannot wait for that day too see there faces as I know my face once lit up the exact same way.

However, until that moment is here I have learned new traditions in which have been started for my sweet little ones to some day enjoy such as going to Nashville each year to see the Christmas lights at Gaylord Opryland Hotel where there is over 2 million lights glistening. & if that is not fun enough we even get to go ice skating too!

This past weekend was girls weekend & we enjoyed our time in downtown Nashville. Yes it cray cray all around, traffic was insane, & people was just as cray cray but all in all it was fun. Sayrah, Rach, & I enjoyed Ice & seeing the lights. We was frozen after ice literally but soon after we was all cozy & warm inside the hotel... Rach got lost for about an hour had us all terrified I was ready to kick her ass needless to say finally she was found yay thank you Mr security guard for finding a almost 21 year old...After all that excitement Sayrah & I decided that we needed liquor hehe.... I have tons of photos to post from the weekend but I am going to break all this up seeing that if I stuck it all in this post it would be super duper long... Hope you ladies had a fun weekend :)


Laura said...

Nashville is one of my favorite places at Christmas. There is no more magic in the world than at the Grand Ole Opry in December!

MarieL said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!