Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things I'm Lovin

 I am linking up with Jamie & her addy is above...

1. I am loving that Breaking Dawn Pt 2 was so good. I loved every single minute of it!

2. I am loving that the trip to Gatlinburg was fun. We all had a great time together however we all wish it had been warmer because it was too cold to wanna do very many things.

3. I am loving that I do not have to work tomorrow & that I am able to spend time with my loved ones on Thanksgiving. 

4. I am loving that I am going to go see the Life Of Pi... It looks so good!

5. I am loving that I get to eat all kinds of yummy Thanksgiving food & desserts come tomorrow :) I am dying to eat it all...

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Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn pt. 2, but I really want to! Hopefully soon :) I've heard a lot of great reviews.
Glad you had a great trip!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥
Stopping by from WILW