Friday, November 16, 2012

The Saga That Stole My Heart...

Stephanie Meyer, the author of all 4 volumes of the romantic & exhilarating twilight has out did herself these past few years since her book series was turned into films. 

I must admit I was that that girl whom ran out & bought all 4 books & I too was that girl whom pre ordered my film tickets, & stood in long lines at midnight to watch her stories in a book become real on film. I even bought the DVD's once they hit stores. Their was never any waiting for this girl...

As I watched the films I grew more in love with the characters, their home & so forth! How can you not! To me its been a constant of me wanting badly to just jump into the film & live that life that is portrayed through her amazing film series! Its like for those few hours that is your life too because of being so swept & caught up in the moment!

As I am sure most of you know Breaking Dawn Pt 2 hit theaters just a few short hours ago! I will be respectful in the fact that I know many have not been able to see the movie yet so I will not explain or go in to details on it but I will however share moments & people whom I have loved over these past few years as well as even tell a guilty secret of mine :)

My night has been full of excitement to say the least! We began our lovely night by getting dolled up to go see Breaking Dawn pt 2. We arrived at the theater exactly 2 hours before our beloved film was to show. We wanted good seats & good seats we did get! We had the row right below the very top smack dab in the middle just like we all wanted. It was great! During our 2 hour wait of course we all played on our phones, drank drinks, took individual bathroom turns & much more! The anticipation was building like no other as each time we looked it was getting closer & closer for our beloved movie to show! Finally after 2 hours of waiting which was completely worth it our movie finale began! It was all bittersweet for us girls because we had each grown to love the movie & characters & knew that we no longer would pre order tickets for a midnight showing, show up 2 hours early each year for the new film release, & worst of all we no longer would have our beloved characters whom we literally have fallen in love with! We yelled,screamed,cried, sobbed, & laughed during the finale! Laughter was first then came the rest :( As the movie ended & we all was drying tears from our eyes many in our theater room including us stayed a bit longer to enjoy the music & too reminisce over the past few years of our beloved saga that brought us so much joy & happiness!

I would have married Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob & Edward all if that was at all truly possible. I know it may be cray cray to some but not too me & my ladies! We have always been head over heals for these 4 men! To me they each are unique in their own ways & I love them for it! I would not change one single thing about any of those sweet 4... I loved Bella from the start & now I love her daughter even more! Both are so fierce & so sweet..

Remember how I told you I had a little tiny secret well I do & its just this alone! I have loved so many of the names from the saga & I have fallen in love with the characters & so much more that I now want to name my sweet babies after characters from the saga that stole my heart several years ago! Within them a part of the saga will always live on. Each time I call to one of my sweet little ones I will always be reminded of my favorite romantic saga that stole my heart & held it close & that is exactly what I intend to do with my children hold them  close always :) 

With that being said the names I love are:
1. Isabella
2. Emmett
3. Renesmee
4. Esmee
5. Carlisle 

Thank you Stephanie for writing amazing books!
Thank you for making them into film!
Thank you twilight saga for being so great!
Thank you characters for making me fall in love with you over these past few years. It truly has been an amazing journey that I would never want replaced my anyone or anything. I will always remember all the great times that I enjoyed over the years waiting on you at midnight! Who knows maybe one day you will write more :) But until then this is farewell & all so bittersweet!

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Everythingtastiful said...

I also watched it last night... i must confess that I was also emotional and found myself in tears at the end of the movie... after the movie, I even said to my hubby that I want to name my child (someday) as Bella...
but like they said “No Goodbyes, Just See You Later"....