Monday, November 19, 2012

My Mustache Brings All the Boyz to the Yard...

Hey ya'll!
Filling in for the beautiful Miss Ashleigh Nichole today!
Obviously you guys have your awesome pants on if your here today reading her blog =)
She doesn't know this but I was shocked when she asked me to guest post.
I have done it once before and honestly I thought she would never let me do it again.
You can go here and read it of you dare.

So let's get to the introduction out of the way shall we?
I am Marcy from Marcy's Mustache Diaries (soon to be The Mustache Diaries)!
Blog makeova WHOOP WHOOP
PS a shout~out for my homeslice Holly's Hubby Jack aka Chris aka The Blog Master.
If your ever in need of a blog makeover or just a little sprucing up he is your man for the job =)
Puhlussssss he is super cheap.  Meant in the good way, not the bad way!

So this is muah...
My real name is Marcella but I only get called that when I am in trouble.  Which isn't very often... DUH
Ya'll can call me Marcy!

And this is mi familia...

From left to right:  Peekles aka Shelby Girl, Toes aka Lauren Girl, Pdiddy aka Payton, and Husby aka Kevin or Kalvin

I figured this would be a perfect time to do my currently am post that I have been seeing around the blogosphere ;)


Stealing:  This idea from the gorgey Stephanie from BEAUTIFUL mess =)

Reading:  Other blogs when I can.  Literally.  I am lucky to even have time to do that right now.  I admit that I put too much on myself and I really do need to make more time for me.
Especially to read because I love it so much.
Let's be honest though my life consists of work, changing poopy diapers, and showing the Husby a little skin e'ry now and then.
I am lucky to eat a meal in between all of that.
Oh ya and feeling like I constantly have to clean EVERY.SINGLE.CREVICE. of my house.
OCD much?

Thinking about:  My fur sister Emma.
Status from my Mom Saturday:
  Lord knows I love my three children beyond belief, but I don't always like them (except Marcy- I always love-like her). My canine babies are loved and liked always; and now I'm a wreck because my Emma is in CHF- congestive heart failure. ER visit last night after what the vet said was a mild hypoxia-related seizure. Lab work normal. XRays show enlarged heart and fluid in lungs. On diuretics and enalapril. When it rains it pours. The sails are down, Lord. Take us where your will wants and protect us with your grace once there.
The last update I got this morning was that she is NOT doing well at all.
She goes at 4PM today to see the vet again.
She won't eat, wants to sleep all day, and is just not herself.
Please say a prayer for Emma, and our family, that we can get her stabilized soon.
Not only will this devastate our family, it will devastate her fur brother Max, whom we have had since birth.

Loving:  These songs...

Can you say repeat?

Looking Forward to:  My four day weekend with my Husby, girls, family, and friends.  Pigging out because I feel I have earned the right and I am sure throwing down a box or two of the good stuff.

Wondering:  When I am going to get my voice back?

Eating:  Progressive Light Chicken and Dumplins soup with a side of pretzel twists and cream cheese.  I do things fancy around here people.  Not to forget the Diet Coke I sucked down because it felt good on my throat.
Side Note:  Does anybody else find it hard to drink a ton of water when they are sick?  I don't drink enough period when I am sick, let alone water...

Disliking:  Taylor Swift's Song "Getting Back Together..."
I don't want to hear it again...
My version of nails on a chalk board.
PS I do really like Tay but this song I feel like was a "just because" type of thing to knock some homie she didn't end up with...

Happy About:  The fact that I have lost 71 lbs since having Pdiddy in July.
Not only that but I have dropped from a 36 BMI to a 30 BMI in that time frame as well.
Yes, it is still high.
BUT in my defense according the BMI I should weigh negative ten pounds.
Sort of...
The BMI would like me at a weight that I haven't seen since like Freshman year of high school.
My goal weight is 140 and I am cool with that.

Excited About:  What the future has to hold for me and my little family.
Hopefully it's full of good health, lots of laughs, some adult bevies, and of course mustaches =)

Love, peace, & chicken grease,

Please come over to my place and say HI!!!

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