Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honoring Our Veterans

During life we live through experiences here on earth. After death we live on in memories though others eyes & how we are remembered depends on how our actions were while we was here on earth. But what if we was never remembered at all? 

Most veterans are looked over each year & every single day. Too little do you see someone stop to say thank you to one whom risked it all to protect us. It is so disheartening to see how many seem to only recognize them on either Memorial Day, 4TH Of July, or Veterans Day! Why is that is a question I often wonder? & even more so on those days so many still seem not to care about those whom risked all!

In war there is no unwounded soldier. Not one escapes war without being scarred. Our brave soldier might return home & seem unscarred but deep down they will always hear sounds that make them jump, see things that startle them, & always have to hold images of all they have seen good & bad over seas. 

So do they truly recover? That answer is no sadly. Some learn to manage, some loose limps, some loose family & so on! For instance what do you say to a 1 year old baby girl who will never know her father because he went overseas & lost his life, what do you say to the grieving wife who no longer has her best friend & soul mate because he lost his life overseas, what do you say to a soldier whom can never be the same again because he lost limbs, or what do you say to one whom was burned & will always have those whom stare at him for the rest of his life for his bravery overseas?

Please please remember that all our soldiers deserve to hear a thank you from everyone they meet not just on those days meant to honor them but also every other day as well because without them serving for our country we would not have a country nore would we be able to have the family we all have here in America! & remember those families & say a prayer if they have a loved one they lost whom fought for our freedom. 

I have family & friends whom I have lost & kept overseas. I know the heartache. Its awful & I would never wish it upon anyone to have to go through that! Its memories of some I only have left & others I still get to make but I still am saddened each day for those whom I lost overseas. I feel pain for me, their family, friends & so forth! I always say a prayer & remember to thank those I see & those whom I no longer can I make it a purpose to visit their grave site. Its the little things that count to some & too me those little things are what matters most & I know it matters to others as well...


Laura Darling said...

This is an awesome post -- great reminders!

. said...

(: well said best thing!! I love you! This made me cry!!