Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear work, you are currently standing in my way for my weekend off! Once I finish you tonight its hello fun weekend without work! I am beyond happy... Sorry work I will not miss you for the next 2 days!

Dear Friday, you came pretty fast this week! I wish you could always seem to come this fast. It would be great & I would be a happy camper along with others I am sure!

Dear Weekend, please do not fly by. I will truly be upset if you do. After all you never seem to last very long :( I wish there was a way to fix you...

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 2, you are taking your sweet time to be released! I am getting very anxious waiting for you. Your due date seems too far away even though I know its really just a few weeks a away! But these next few weeks will not come soon enough for me just saying... I wish there was a way to speed you up!

Dear Jacob,Emmett, & Edward, You boys can show all the skin you want in your last movie! I am sure you will have no complaints from us ladies on that on. If anything you will have better reviews for giving us what we want :) Thanks hotties!

Dear Gberg, I will be seeing you the same time Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out & I hope by then you no longer have snow! I do not like snow you see. Snow & me are not best friends in fact we are not even friends you see it hates me & I hate it. So you need to be nice & tell it to leave please.

Dear ladies, I just wanted to ask that if at all possible you say a little prayer for all those affected by hurricane Sandy. 


The Heights Life! said...

I'm so ready for breaking dawn part 2!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

P!nky said...

I hate how short weekends feel!

have a good one!