Monday, November 19, 2012

A Frozen Gatlinburg Day 2

Saturday we awoke to go to the jewelry show they have each year. I have my business license for Glitz, Glam & more & we all enjoy going to buy goodies at some great prices! Each year they have it 3 times a year but during this time is the one that is the most packed with the ones whom sell the things as well as packed full of people buying. It can truly get a bit messy! Taylor did not want to go so instead she wanted to stay & watch little miss!


After I had shopped awhile I decided I was getting a little hungry. I had already started getting angry at the other adults whom was acting like children fighting over jewelry & such. They seemed to care less that they was screaming, shoving, pushing, & knocking others around out of their way without saying excuse me & such!

 I decided that it was time for me to stop for awhile so I went back to our place. Loaded little miss in the stroller then Taylor, little miss & I went for a stroll to find where we wanted to eat! We decided that shrimp sounded really good & we loved TGI Friday's shrimp so that was where we went! Wait time was not very long at all in fact that took us almost right in! Food time seemed to take a good length of time which was no fun especially when we was hungry. 

After our meal was finished we headed back to spend some time in the heated pool! It was so much fun. Later little miss was changed & we all headed out to dinner. Little miss was fussy because she had not had a good nap she only had an hour nap & she normally has a 2 hour nap. But once we got through the fit, tears & sobs she was great again but she did go to bed early which was ok bless her! This has messed up her sleeping schedule...

 After little miss had fallen asleep we played cards/ had pillow fights/ & fun prank phone calls! It was fun :) We all went to sleep around 2 30 am in the morning. 

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