Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2012

Oh ladies it is so drool time! Wanna guess why? Luke Bryan of course. For any of you girls whom have me on facebook, text me, or talk to me on the phone you know I  love me some Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean! My two favorite men! NO LIE.... I have been to their concerts each year & it only gets better & better. I do not mean to just one concert I go to several around! Crazy maybe.... 

Ok OK anyway back to the post @ hand! Luke Bryan is doing his Farms Tours. I cannot wait to see Mr Sexy! I do wanna grab that ass of his I mean how could you not? 

This is his 4th Annual Farm Tour! I have been all 3 years before. They was great.... 8 concerts are planned this year! 5 of them being where mr hot toddy is from Georgia of course! God I love this place! Greatest place ever to live....Savannah being the best in my opinion :)just saying.. 

Bryan originally planned the farm tours to give back to the local farm communities. Proceeds from each show go to a scholarship for a student from a farming family attending a local college.

Oct 3-Claxton GA aka Statesboro
Oct 4-Clemson SC
Oct 5-Auburn AL
Oct 6-Valdesto GA
Oct 10-Villa Rica GA
Oct 11-Athens GA
Oct 12-Tallahassee FL
Oct 13- Macon GA

Tailgate starts @ 2pm
Doors open @ 5pm
Show starts @ 7pm


Anonymous said...

OMG I AM SO JEALOUS YOUR GOING TO LUKE BRYAN!! I AM OBSESSED WITH HIM!!! Your going to have so much fun!!! I am still very jealous though!!! :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...