Friday, September 7, 2012

Fill In Friday

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Let's get started! Shall we?

1. My favorite grade in school was English! I always made A's always! I did amazing in that subject :) go me!

2. My favorite teacher was well you see about that I did not have just one. I had so many that I loved oh so dearly so get ready I am naming them :) Mrs Cindy, Cindie Smith ( one of my aunts) Mrs McCormick, Mrs Grimes, Mr Grimes, Mr Smith, Mr Dingwall, Mrs Amelia, Mrs Frazier aka our cheer coach, & Mr Cole :)

3. Highest level of education I have completed is college :)

4. School lunches for me consisted of my sweet amazing daddy bringing me food :)

5. The amount of money you would have to pay me to go back to high school is none! You could never pay me enough to go back to that time in my life! I hated high school! That is truly 4 years of my life I do not miss not one little bit nore do I ever want to relive it :( Hello drama & such no thanks I will pass. I love my life now which happens to be drama free! Thank god! So if you wanna go back go for it better you then me :)

6. A few things that remind me of my school years will always be lunchables, lunch boxes, new clothing, & I am sure over time I could think of more!

7. The first day of school was always so fun because it was only half a day, no homework, Had fun chatting with friends & catching up!

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