Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving...

I am linking up with Jamie over @ This Kind Of Love! I would love to see you sweet ladies follow me too :)

1. I'm loving that today is Wednesday! That means only two more days & I am Nashville bound for 3 if not 4 days. I cannot wait!

2. I'm loving that Saturday several of my friends & I are going to the fair in Nashville. It will be nice getting to enjoy each others company & catch up.

3. I'm loving that it is starting to feel like Fall early of a morning & late at night. That means Hello running weather again! I have missed it so.

4. I'm loving that I get to see sissy, her new place, & her new puppy while I am in Nashville. Her new puppy is named Bandit & he is a husky so pretty I love his eyes! He is gonna run/walk with us :)

5. I'm loving that my birthday will be here shortly & that this year will be so much fun! Hurry up September I am ready for some birthday fun... However not so much ready to turn 24 :(

6. I am loving the Fall essie color collection! I need them... Here they are :)1. don't sweater it, 2. head mistress, 3. miss fancy pants, 4. recessionista, 5. skirting the issue, 6. stylenomics
don't sweater it

head mistress

miss fancy pants


skirting the issue


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Emily Powell said...

LOVE your blog name! My daughter is named Georgia and her big girl room is going to be peach themed!