Sunday, August 5, 2012

Social Sunday ( Hello Fall)

Sunday Social

I linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social over @ A Complete Waste Of Makeup & Ashley's Carnival Ride! I would love to have you ladies follow me as well :)

Without further a dew let's begin :)

1. What is your favorite Fall activity?
Hmm I could not choose just one even I tried super hard. In case you ladies did not know Fall is my favorite of them all! I live & die for Fall seriously no lie. So with that I look forward too football, carving pumpkins, cooking all kind of yummy Fall foods & making those melt in your mouths drinks during that airy wind season :) & so much more!

2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one & why?
I do yes I love me some Florida Gators Chomp Chomp, UGA hello cute little bull dogs, Steelers & every so often when they are doing good I love me some orange & white called UT :) Well you see I grew up watching UGA so it just runs threw my blood! I am a Georgia girl! then for the rest you would have to thank my ex for! He got me hooked on the others! & now I love them & cannot deny them :) Great reason right?

3. What is something fun during Fall in your area?
We always have the Fall Fun Fest which  is big with bands & so forth but to me I want the more scary things of Fall having to do more with October which is the Hayrides, & Haunted Houses  which thankfully we have plenty of :)

4. Favorite Fall outfit staples?
Pullovers, sweater dresses & such I guess I will show you some of my fall favorites from Pinterest :)
Classic fall look -  love this...

.lazy day :)

Love the flowing and jacket and bracelet are J. Crew. Adorable. Of course, the bag is the most expensive....Hermes. Love it



5. Things you are looking forward to the most this coming Fall?
Hayrides, Haunted Houses, Yummy dishes & drinks, Pumpkin Carving, & of course Starbucks I mean do not get me wrong, I love it all year round however during the fall season I love me some Pumpkin Spice & Caramel Apple Cider! I get one every single day. Is that bad? I truly am addicted, no lie! & yes before you ask it is a must that I get my drink in this pretty little red cup other wise I will throw a tantrum like a 2 year old... True story! Do you ladies like this as much as me?

6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?
the hunny & I carve pumpkins every year together even before he came into my life I did it all the time with my little ones but now we do them at separate times so I get several doses yay which I love! We throw a Halloween Party for the family & yes you must dress up if you want in our house :) I go on hayrides & haunted houses every year & I enjoy them always! I decorate our home for every season however Halloween I truly go all out inside & outside the house :) I already wanna put up the decor for Fall/ Halloween! Is that bad? Oh & during Christmas I always go to Opryland in Nashville to see the lights ;) I think I covered it all hmm not sure I may or may not have left a few out but I cannot think of more at the moment in writing.

PS I just wanna say Neely & Ash, I loved this post the best thus far! I am such a lover of Fall & Halloween  ;) Great link up ladies!


Pamela said...

Found your blog through Friday's Letters actually, but this is a great Sunday social post:) your style preferences are fantastic;)
Glad to have found your blog!

Jamie said...

Such cute outfits!

Natalie and Lee said...

Now following you!:) LOVE the outfits!!!!!!

Amy Powell said...

oh I can't wait until fall!! love these outfits :)

<3 Amy

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