Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Letters


I am linking up with Ash whom I just adore over @ Adventures Of Newlyweds! I would love to see you sweet ladies follow me as well :)

Friday Letters:

Dear rehearsal, thank you for going as best as you could yesterday since two people did not show up! All I have to say to them not showing up is that as an adult you knew when it was for some time now it was not sprung on you yet you still choose not to come in until midnight wow! If the wedding is a disaster tomorrow or something goes wrong we are blaming you two!

Dear Nite Out, you was so much fun! Us girls loved every minute of it however let me just be honest by saying I am paying the price of you today! I have never been so tired :( I need some shut eye to say the least which  I will have soon  thankfully :)

Dear Wendy, thank you so much for doing my manicure you did a great job as always! I just love all you girls whom work together :) So much fun when I am their!

Dear Molli, thank you for my pedicure since poor little Wendy was swamped! It looks amazing! Love you ladies!

Dear Mr Intruder, you was not a very nice guest @ my home today! You smelled awful, hissed at me, & snapped at me. How rude you was! Mr snapping turtle go back to where you belong which is no where near me! You scare me a whole lot let me just be honest but I guess you done know that by all my screaming I did at you.

Dear Self, I know I need to learn to be a little nicer to you! I know you can handle a lot however I am not sure you can handle less then 7 hours of sleep! You have dragged all day not that I blame you!

Dear Wedding, you are tomorrow & I cannot wait! You will be great :)

Dear Maddie, I cannot believe you are turning two! You are growing way too fast please slow down thanks :)

Dear Aunt Judy, you do not know it yet but we are throwing you a surprise party for your birthday Sunday! I know you will love it... I cannot wait to take all kinds of good photos :) Love you!

Dear Ladies, I love you all & I am so thrilled that I now have 80+ followers :) I cannot wait to hopefully have many more... I always love new ladies! 

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Sammantha said...

Snapping turtle? Bah! That would freak me the eff out!