Friday, August 10, 2012


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1. Thunderstorms love them or hate them?
2. Do your kids get back to school clothes?
3. Do you golf? Do you watch it?
4. Showers or baths?
5. What is the strangest meal you have ever eaten?

1. I love thunderstorms! Thunderstorms are very calming & they make for great sleeping weather! 

2. Yes they will get back to school things! I mean let's be honest by the time summer is over what once was school clothes will then be play clothes! Kids get dirty after all!

3. No & no! you see there is this little part in me that says golf is super boring! I lie its not a little part its a big part! I despise golf! I find it to be the most boring thing ever invented. I do not see how boys do it or watch it for that matter! You see cheerleading & dance I am great at, watching football & playing I am great at, golf well not so much I tried but I could not hit that stupid ball to save my life!

4. Without thinking for one second showers are my choice! I cannot stand baths! I feel like I do not get clean by a bath! I do not like the thoughts of sitting in nasty dirty water & that is exactly what it would be after a long day @ work or whatever someone may be doing. Yucky!

5. I have never eaten nothing strange because I am too picky of an eater however I do remember being younger & my gran asking me if I wanted some chicken & I said yes gran that sounds good little did I know she was would go to her backyard get a poor chicken alive & ring its neck then chop it off with an ax oh & pluck the feathers! I will never forget having to watch all that plus watch a headless chicken run around the yard! I could never eat chicken  for like a whole year after that. It was awful :( Can you say nightmares for a long time...

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