Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prayers For Aurora...

My thoughts & prayers go out to those family member who lost loved ones in this tragic shooting, as well as for those whom are still fighting for their life, & for those whom are recovering. I know to all whom was involved a movie theater will never seem the same again & I can completely see why & understand. 12 was killed & 59 was injured & wounded. For those whom have not seen this or heard of this it happened Friday night @ the premiere showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado @ Century Theater.

The youngest that was injured was a 3 month old baby. The gunman was 24 year old James Holmes whom was going to school to become a doctor. I do not know about you but to me that is a little scary knowing someone whom was going to school to save lives could take so many without caring. I think the scariest part to me was how planned out it seemed & how much work he did while planning this whole thing such as to making sure to park out back of the theater, make sure he could get out & back in to that exact theater, changing clothes, putting a gas mask on while using tear gas inside the theater & not using just 1 gun but 4. The police said once they had went to his home to investigate he had a series of booby traps & buckets of extra ammunition in his apartment! What really surprised me is how he said he painted his hair red because he was the joker... Was that some kind of Joke! 

He absolutely needs the death penalty however that would be too gracious for him because then he would not be able to live the rest of his miserable life dealing with  the deaths in which he caused to so many whom he did not even know & such suffering to all those family members whom have lost their loved ones in such a horrific murder spree! So many of us take our lives daily for granite but something like this reminds me to never take one moment for granite & to live life to the fullest & to always tell those whom we love how much we love them & appreciate them :)


Jamie said...

So true. It's so important to live like it could be over tonight.

Allison said...

Agree with everything you said! I can't stand to see his face on TV.