Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pin Pin Lovies On 4th Of July

I am linking up with sweet Michelle over @ The Vintage Apple

I would love to see you ladies follow me on my blog, pinterest & instagram. You can find all 3 on my actual blog! I hope you ladies have had a great 4th of July :) Cannot wait to see your sweet pins...

Homemade bows

Custom wall letter, with whole name on letter!

Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the $1 Store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color.  A few different ideas using stones on this site.

Watermelon Sweet Tea

Easy Raspberry Lemonade

Sooo cute!love the shirt

loose looped updo


mickey mouse :)

4th of July nails,

baseball nails

DRC wedding - OMG i NEED fireworks!!

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Anonymous said...

great pins lovely... love your sweet blog xo

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