Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday Letters (late)


I normally link up with sweet Ashley over at Adventures Of Newlyweds however as you can see I am a few days late sadly :( I am trying to catch up on them all... I have been a busy girl sorry ladies!

Dear Ashley... I know you would laugh at me beyond words right now considering I am oh you know 4 days late writing this for your blog hehe which I normally do every Friday

Dear Crazy Life Of Mine... Please slow down just a little, you are running me to insanity.

Dear Lake... You are beyond amazing, you have been great so far this summer keep up the good work :)

Dear Chiggers... You are so beyond mean to me, you gave me two spots on the back of my left knee & you make me itch you constantly. Please go away I hate you! I will never be so happy to see you gone once & for all.

Dear Hunger Games, Catching Fire, & Mockingjay... You was three amazing books, it only took me 7 days to read you all & now that I have finished I am sad... I need more so please make your writer who wrote you write more so I can content my happiness once again :) 

Dear Hunger Games... You was a great movie lets hope Catching Fire & Mockingjay will be just as good as you was however after reading you all I know you will be :) Now please hurry up & come out thanks!

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