Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters :)

I am linking up with sweet Ashley over at Adventures Of Newlyweds 

Dear Weather... Thank you for not being super duper hot today as in past 90's. Shawn & I would have died on our hike. So thanks for being semi good I love you so!

Dear Hike @ Fall Creek Falls... Thank you for being so good to us today & not allowing us harm. However Hike I will be honest you wore me out & made me need a very long nap! Your downhills was amazing & your up hills was well torture!

Dear Shawn... Thank you for being such a great friend & going with me today! It was so much fun, I enjoyed the day to the fullest! You are by far such a sweet wonderful friend to have in my life :) See you @ the end of next week In Georgia :)

Dear Fall Creek Falls... Why did you not have any service? Why must you be so darn curvy? Why must you feel as though we was driving into wrong turn 1,2,3, & 4 & that we might not make it out alive! Next time it would be great if you could have a little service please! Is that too much to ask from us? I mean we could always ask you to change it all!

Dear Riverbend... I am sad that I do not get to spend a whole week at you listening to some pretty great bands however I at least get to spend one day with you & that is better then none at all! I hope your great yet again this year :)

Dear Tay... You have been such a blessing in my life for now 13 years as of today since its your birthday & all. I love you to the moon & back & am beyond blessed to have you as my sweet baby cousin. I miss holding you as you once was small however I cherish the moments now far more because we now are able to enjoy many many more fun times together! I hope that today was a great day for you! I love you sweet girl! Happy Birthday not just today but many more years to come :)

Dear Blog... I have many more Friday Letters that I could write on you however I think I will give you a break & stop for today with the letters! I  hope you love them as much as me :) PS thanks for doing what was asked of you! You are a great blog!

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Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

i always feel like I have so much to say on my friday's letters too!! But there is always next friday:) Have a great weekend and hope to see you around POTC!