Friday, June 8, 2012

Fill In Friday

I am linking up with sweet Lauren @ The Little things We Do Lauren has changed it up & I am excited for the change however it is a little different instead of 7 questions we now only have one & write about that subject alone enjoy ladies!

Where to begin @! I use to always love writing in High School & college. I always made A's in English class, so I decided why not blog & write about my life. I know I may not be creative as some but I am me & I love that I do this for me alone not to please others but to please myself.  I started blogging at the end of December in 2010. I wanted to blog about my everyday life that was & is filled with happiness, sadness, joy, love, laughter, tears, joy & so much more. I wanted others to know that my life is by no means always perfect nore am I. I am human I make mistakes just like everyone else. 

I wanted my blog to grow as I grew from relationship to marriage, from marriage to wife, from wife to mother & such. I wanted to share all those moments with you all as well as be able to blog about them to share with my friends & family years down the line. I wanted them to see  the days leading up to marrying the one I  wanted to spend the rest of my life with & how our life is turning out together, up & downs of pregnancy, the initial birth of our children, & I wanted to share my children's lives as they grew. With each new year I have so much to look forward too & to be thankful for. My blog truly is my life story & everything about me & the people in my life who shares it with me!

One of the best things from blogging is truly all the wonderful ladies I have gotten to know. I feel as if I have gotten to know so many of them inside & out. I feel as though I am apart of their life even though I truly may not be. Some I have met, some I want to meet & I would hope that most ladies would want the same. The ones I have met have been wonderful & have became some of my closest friends & I am blessed truly to have them in my life. I never thought or expected to be so close to so many yet I am & I truly love each moment & even more so I love reading the blogs & seeing your daily life to life. I think for me the best part is the realism of some compared to others. 

I hope you ladies enjoyed this & I cannot wait to see yours :) Love you sweet ladies!

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