Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beachy :)

Sweet ladies goodness today has been a scorcher!  It has been over 100 degrees it was actually 104 to be exact. Gosh that is too hot! I have wanted to be no where but on a beach near the water the whole entire day so what did I do you ask? Well this smart girl decided to look at some cute beach houses which I thought was adorable & picture myself their :) However wishing & thinking I was there is completely different then truly being there sadly :( I think I need another vacation again already. Which of these little cuties do you all love most? Cannot wait to see!

Florida's Beach House

Beach house :)




Boathouse Cottage | House & Home

Beach house!

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Alejandra @ The Alegator Articles said...

3rd, 4th, and the huts...:)