Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pray For Jake

I am asking all you sweet ladies if you could would you please say a prayer for Jake Melton. I realize that many of you do not know him but I do & if you did know him you could see how nice, sweet & caring he truly is. His wife Tiffany is one of my friends & her & Jake have 3 little girls: Hayley, Heidi, & Holly! Jake is 25 years old & was diagnosed with leukemia, he started treatments on April 27th & just 3 days ago found out it was now in his brain as well so they was going to do surgery that day but postponed it until yesterday & I am so thankfully that I am able to say that the surgery went well however we do not know still so many things are still up in the air. He is still undergoing kemo & he has so many people praying for him & I know that god will answer our prayers & thoughts. Here some pictures having to do with Jake & also some of him & his family :) 

Their girls :)

Jake & Tiff

Jake & Tiff!

The doctors told him that he would begin to have his hair fall out so many of the guys shaved their heads for Jake it was so very sweet & still makes me cry everytime I see pictures....Here are a few so you can see how many of us truly care & want Jake to be cancer free!

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