Friday, May 4, 2012

Fill In Friday

I am linking up today with Sweet Lauren!
Enjoy Ladies...

1. My bedtime routine includes: Putting pj's on, brushing teeth,kisses goodnight then passing out :)

2.  I am without a doubt a girlie girl as well as a daddy's girl :)

3.  I cant stand lairs because I do not ever liked being lied to man up or women up & just tell the truth because in the end the truth is always revealed.

4. My idea of relaxation would be a good beach with a nice good sex on the beach to sip on with my hunny!

5. If I had an extra $50 dollars I would just deposit it because I already get what I want anyways for the most part :)

6. The best thing about blog friends are that they know you & your story or as much of it as you are willing to share. I always share my whole life so mine know my ups & downs, good & bad, & I love how I know them just as well & best part is that some I have met & we are close ;) & some that I would still like to meet :)

7. A recipe I have been dying to try is  Raspberry Crumb Bars! Can you say yummy?

Raspberry and Blackberry Crumb Bars

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