Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Lovin!

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over at This Kind Of Love!
She always host What I'm Loving Wednesday...
To be honest sometimes I hate my work weeks & sometimes I love them.
Here are a few things in general that I am loving :)

I'm Lovin:
1. That our camping trip was a success!
2. That sissy got to come down & visit me in Cookeville even if only for a night :(
3. That I had 4 days off but now its back to work for 10 :(
4. That sissy & I signed up for the 5k in Nashville 
5. All this warm weather! It has been great :)
6. All my cute new summer dresses I bought!
7. That I half way have finished both my summer beach trips yay :) One month apart! One is in June & the other in July!

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