Friday, March 23, 2012

A Night Out

A few nights before our big camping trip a few of us went out one night :) It was so much fun for us girls! We loved every single minute of it but then again we always do... It is so much fun for us girls & its nice to enjoy time away from the stress of work & such! Sissy came down which was nice that meant she got to join in on the fun night which she does not get to do very often unless I go to Nashville to see her. I just love her & am so blessed to have her in my life even if she is not my real sister I could care less. So here are some of the pics from our fun night out :)


Sis & I


James & I

Nick, me, & James

Dee & I

Ar & I

Ar, Me, Sis, & Dee

Nick & James 

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