Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cottonelle Roll Covers

So for most whom know me, they know that my house is very neat & organized!
I guess one of my pet peeves is to not have clutter everywhere or random things out in the open that should not be in the open. 
One thing I do not like out in the open in the bathroom is toilet rolls. I think they should be put away if not on the dispenser. 
I know some do not care & that is fine I respect their ways, just as I hope they can respect mine as well.
I however, have found the cutest things ever to put on the shelves & such to hide them!
They are called Cottenelle Covers, & they come in 3 different designs.
The design names are as follows: Barjello Blue, Chevron Pink, & Clover Green.
My favorite one is the Barjello Blue & its what I ordered :)
Here are pictures of the 3:

 Barjello Blue

 Chevron Pink

 Clover Green

If you like these cute little things all you have to do is go to
& they are not expensive at all. They are only $2.00 plus tax :) Enjoy ladies....

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