Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photographer I have fallen in love with

I have fallen in love with Toni Lynn...
She does such an amazing job at pictures!
Her website is
She also has a blog as well as a facebook
She is out of Everson Washington ...
I would love it if she did my engagement & wedding photos as well as family photos down the road .
She does such an amazing job at capturing the true moment of events that are occuring... 
here is some of her work!

The photos that you just seen was of Leah & Nathan whom are getting married this year :) 
They look so happy & in love & I know you can see it in their faces how happy they are to be marrying one another!
I can only hope that my pictures can turn out this great..
I love the thoughts of a winter engagement photo session :) 
Hope you sweet ladies enjoyed this!

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