Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Im Lovin Wednesday

Ps I would love for you ladies to follow me :)

1. That this week is almost over yay!

2. That Friday night is my Halloween get together ;)

3. That there will be a bonfire to go along with the Halloween get together...

4. My rainy cuddle day I had yesterday so nice!

5. All the new Yankee Candles for Christmas is are a few of my favorite ones in general for both fall as well as for Christmas!
*Apple Cider
*Autumn Leaves
*Be Jolly
*Cherries on Snow
*Christmas Eve
*Cinnamon Stick
*Farmers Market
*Farmhouse Apple
*Goodness my list could go on n on... last time I was in this store I spend over 100 dollars! this store is addicting....

6. That I finally got me some more Sadie perfume from Hollister I bought 2 this time n spend 60 plus tax not bad if i say so myself I however did not make it out without buying a ton more after I came out I had spend over 100 dollars no surprise there....

7. The fact that I am loving men cologne is that bad? I love love love it on boys & I would even love it on me here are 2 of my favorite kinds 1 is from Hollister the other is from Abercrombie
Fierce :)
Jake :)


Marcy XOXO said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! You definately got a new follower here =) I LOVE YANKEE CANDLE!!!!

Nichole said...

I love men's cologne..My fav is Very Sexy by VS. OMG, I die!! I'm jealous of your Halloween bonfire!! Enjoy!!

Fash Boulevard said...

i can't wait to see pictures from your halloween get together. so fun. i hope you have a blast. this post is perfection. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new outfit post featuring my favorite Lauren Conrad skirt. Love to hear what you think and maybe follow back. xo
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