Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed [DVD]

This is an amazing movie...
I fell in love from the moment I first saw it!
I seen it for the first time with Dusten only three short days ago.
He told me would deny it because it is a girlie movie,
PS he loved it too just as much as me!
Dusten & I decided that a part of us was in this movie...
& I could not agree more.
How you ask?
Well I'll tell you!
Oh btw I will portray Rachel & Dusten will portray Ethan...

Ethan, Rachel, Darcy, & Dex

I understand that not all of it makes perfect since to you ladies,
But I am going to explain as best as I can:)
Bare with me please!
I am by no means 30 yet (thank goodness) such as Rachel in the movie...
Am I a lawyer?
Nope, however I am a nurse in real life!
I have not loved  someone since law school, but I have loved them for 9 years now that is a long time...
His name is Drew not Dex & he has been in a relationship for a few months now & decided here while back to tell me the truth finally!
What was the truth?
Well it was that for 9 years now he has always cared as more then a best friend/brother.
I was shocked...
How does that relate to the movie you ask?
Well if you have seen the movie then you kinda see how!
Basically Rachel learns that Dex has always had a crush on her too since law school many many years ago but, only finds out once he is engaged to Rachel's best friend Darcy! She stand by & watches Darcy & Dex (kiss, hug, say i love you & much more) even though it is breaking her heart! To make matters worse she is the maid of honor in the wedding where Darcy & Dex would become husband & wife...
I will just be honest there is no way I could ever be the maid of honor in that situation! I guess I should feel lucky that Drew's girlfriend & I are not best friends!
If Drew ever decides to ask his girlfriend to marry him & ask me to be in the wedding my answer will be NO I cannot do it I'm sorry more can I be there for that day...
Will this happen?
I truly do not know the answer to that & may not for a very long time however, that is ok with me because I do not think I could handle it otherwise!
At the end of the movie Rachel gets her happy ending & gets Dex.
He does not end up marrying Darcy:)
Fingers crossed lets hope I get my happy ending as well...

Now to Dusten's part in the movie,
Dusten is not 6'3 nore is he a city boy!
In fact Dusten is like 5'9 or 5'10 maybe & is a country boy. 
Dusten portrays Ethan so well in this movie, maybe actually a little better hehe...
In the movie Ethan is busy evading the affection of hopelessly love struck Claire, whom is constantly trying to get with Ethan & such, it is very amusing needless to say!
How does Dusten portray Ethan you ask?
Well this is now!
Dusten has two ex girlfriends one whom we call crazy & the other is called crazy psycho bitch! I nicknamed the one called crazy psycho bitch & Dusten nicknamed the other crazy.
Dusten does not normally have to deal with crazy except for every once in a great blue moon so she really is not that bad...
Little miss crazy psycho bitch always calls, text, & shows up all the time non stop! I truly do not see when she ever sleeps. Dusten yells non stop @ her telling her to stop & leave him alone, stop coming over & to stop showing up but it does not do any good!
In the movie Ethan is pretty lucky at least Claire is not as crazy as Dusten's ex girlfriend. I do not think Dusten is ever going to get his happy ending out of this like Ethan did all he had to do was move to London.....

PS this movie is amazing if you have not seen it then I highly recommend doing so otherwise you will be missing out! Oh they also are working on a second series to this movie It is called Something Blue I do believe. I cannot exactly remember what they decided on however I for one cannot wait to see it on DVD ;) Enjoy ladies

PS: Dusten told me I had to put all the above things up so he could get a kick out of it and always look back on it I thought it was funny how we both said our lives were in this movie so I went with it lol :)

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