Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gatlinburg Bound

Soon that is!
I am heading there the 2ND week of November.
I am going for two reasons actually...
my 1ST reason is to see one of my friends get married :)
Emily & Brandon are getting married on 11.11.11
I am so excited for them both 
I wish I was the one getting married on that amazing day!
You ask why well as well all know at things such as 11:11 we always make a wish 
Well this 11.11.11 will not happen again for another thousand years :(
I hope this day that almost everyone has decided to get married on brings them all so much love & happiness in their new marriages!
Here is a picture of Em & Brandon :)
Look @ how in love they are :) I just love it....
My 2ND reason for going is to spend time with my sweet loving family :)
Some of them anyway... 
It will be my mother, Auny Joyce, Aunt Judy,Cousins: Stephanie, Maddie & Taylor then me of course...
Is this all of our family you ask?
Oh goodness NO!
Out of cousins alone we have over 30 :)
That does not include aunts husbands n such that is just cousins.
So if you added everyone else in well that would make a grand total of too many to count & keep up with....
One of our all time favorite places to eat at while there is the Old Mill :)
That place is just amazing!
Here are some pics of Old Mill...

The inside is just as cute as the outside btw :)
I will have so many pictures to post!
However I do not dout that it will be with us all in pullovers...
It is cold here already so we know we will be frozen by the time we get to the mountains :(
But with the cool of the mountains that will give me some pretty great pictures to make....

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