Monday, October 31, 2011

Double Double Toil & Trouble: Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble

Sweet Ladies
Eat, Drink & be Scary....
I hope you all have a great night all around!

I have had a very spooktacular weekend...
Full of ghouls, goblins, & so much more!
I have been too 2 Halloween parties & had a blast,
Even if I did get the pee scared out of me at times!
I must say so worth every scary moment....

I have celebrated Halloween now for 23 years
& I must admit that this one just might have been the best yet....
We will see what next year holds in store!
Hopefully onto bigger & better :)

I have so many pictures to post for you sweet ladies from the weekend,
Which I will do in a whole entire different post! 
So I hope you ladies are excited for all my upcoming post...
Especially since I am finding the time to do them!

So onto the topic of the day its Halloween
That means this is the last day until next October to post anything & everything Halloween
& I intend to do just that ladies....
Especially since this is one of my favorite Holidays!
Enjoy all the goodies I am about to add....

I think that the decor is one of my favorite parts: I decorate my whole entire house inside & out for every holiday ;) I just love it 

As most ladies I too am addicted to Pinterest! 
I love my followers but most of all I love all the cute ideas I get from that thing! 
I happened to be looking when I came across Halloween cakes 
yes you heard right & 
I must admit they are so cute & adorable so here are the pics from them:

This is too cool!

Halloween Theme Wedding Cakes

Halloween cake.

Halloween cake

Halloween wedding cake

Halloween Cake!

Spooky cake ideas

Halloween wedding cake.


I found some of the cutest little things that kinda of are like knock knock jokes
 but not really 
however here they are: 

1. What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?
You look Boo-tiful tonight!

2. What do ghost add to their morning cereal?

3. What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
Hoblin Goblin!

4. What do you call a witch who lives on the beach?
A Sand witch!

5. What does a vampire never order at a restaurant?
A stake sandwich!

I know a big thing for me as well as many others
Is the food & drinks during Halloween
I love how they can be changed up :)
Too look scary & unique!
Here are some cuties I must say:

Trick or Treat... 
all my sweet ladies!
Hope you have a spooktacular night.
Until next year :)

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