Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cutie Pie Outfits for Halloween :)

Hello Lovely Ladies!
I just love that its almost Halloween :)
I have fallen in love with these baby outfit costumes.
I just love little ones dressed up!
Speaking of little ones,
Little miss is not wanting to come out ;(
Friday is her due date but still nothing!
I think she is milking this for all its worth....
Just thought I would update you all because I have not updated since last week on Little miss,
Here are a few outfits that I have fallen in love with!
these also have monograms if you choose to get them put on...

Enjoy sweet ladies :)

Preemie & Newborn Baby Girls Witch Halloween Costume

*I think I love this one*I just love this little dress!

Personalized Frosty Bunting & Cap Set

Personalized Giraffe Bunting & Cap Set
*Or this one would be a great choice:) giraffe is so cute!

Baby Bunny Costume Newborn to 9M

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Crystal Seed said...

OMG! Those are all sooo cute!! My little Chloe is being Tinker Bell this year! I can't wait! She was Tigger last year, and she hated the costume! LOL!!