Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what Wednesday!


So What:
1. That I only work 6 hours a day as a nurse for 5 days  a week & I am exhausted! Do you know how hard being a nurse is?

2. That my birthday was this past Saturday & I still have yet to finish my birthday cake.

3. That It's Wednesday & I really wish it was Friday!

4. That for the past day I was too lazy to wash my hair while in the shower so I cheated and used my dry shampoo it works wonders...

5. That on Sunday I went to bed early & slept  a whole 10 hours! It was needed & I woke refreshed ready for work Monday morning!

6. That this whole week I have taken 3 hours nap after work! 1 & 2 hour naps have just not been cutting it :(

7. That I am sad that I only have 10 followers :( I want more! I love how my lovely ladies always comment on my things I just wish they would follow me to....

8. That I'm sad that Georgia summer is coming to an end, summer time is amazing here ;)

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