Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nashville Saturday Nite!

Ok Ladies,
I am so so sorry for the post I have not posted in like 3 days
however I have a really good reason why!
I have not been in town I have actually had a busy weekend in Nashville with Rach :)
She is an amazing friend & I love her like no other!
We had a blast (:

Here are some of the pics from our events...

 Tember played peek a boo with me :)

Rach n I after we got out of the club

Tember n I before the club

Rach n I before we left to go clubbin

Tember n I

another one of tember n I

dress fit round 1

dress fit round 2

dress fit round 3

dress fit round 4

dress fit round 5

dress fit round 6

dress fit round 7

dress fit round 8

goofin off as norm :)

silly girls

lovin this dress

me :)

windows were down


rach n I

Ok so ladies I know you seen all the pics of us in the dresses right well here it goes! the story behind the dresses we decided we wanted to try on a few we liked but in the process found a lot we did not like and wanted to show why we did not like them and as you can see they  do not fit us correctly so therefore we hated them however for round 3 the dress I am wearing I bought because I loved it :) Rachael did not like any of them so she left empty handed :(

Yes you seen some UT clothes in there as well I bought a new dress and top for UT yesturday and I have fallen in love with them!

You can find both the new UT top and dress in my blog I post for the UT game that happened yesterday.. Yes that is right ladies Yesterday was the football college kickoff games for the season of Fall and I could not have been more excited :) Hope you loved them all :)

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