Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello ladies!
As you can see above ^ 
I will be soon be Savannah Bound :)
I cannot wait!
At the beginning of October,
I will once again be home bound ....
Yes, I said home bound!
I am filled with so much joy & excitment.
I have missed Savannah so badly!

No, I was not born in Savannah.
But, I should have been secretly!
When one of my best friends moved there several years ago I would always go spend weekends & vacation time down there with her!
I would never let her come here because I loved it their too much hehe....
I ended up loving it as much as she did !
As much as I missed my best friend whom use to live with me in Cookeville whom now was several hours away :(
 I understand completely why she wanted to be grounded her in Savannah.

I will be honest ladies, 
Every time I left Savannah Georgia...
I would cry non stop on the way back to Cookeville! 
I especially hated it once I hit Tennessee Line :( 
I just wanted to turn back around...
To me Cookeville has never been my home or I guess a better way to word it would be to say I have never wanted to call Cookeville my home ;(
To me " home is where your heart lies" my heart lies in Savannah Georgia ;)

I miss those summer dew mornings as you walk onto the front porch sit in your little rocking chair/swing & see rows of cotton in bloom with such an aroma of sweet smells!
I miss those little plantations filled with so many memories of years past....
I miss the blooms of spring while sitting on the front porch listening to the spring rain fall down!
I miss all the leaves of Fall with all the amazing aray of colors...
I especially miss summer Savannah nights while watching the sunsets which seem to go on for miles & miles while each sunset seemed as different as the night before!

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Sherree said...

Ashley, I feel the same way about going back to San Antonio one day. You are right home is where the heart is. I have learnt to hang my hat where ever the Air Force would take us. Now we have retired and live in Alabama. Bu one day, I will go back to my Texas. If I didn't love Texas so much, the way you wrote just might have me checking out Savannah.

Thanks for checking me out and I will look forward to reading your "I am From"

Have a blessed weekend.