Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I am lovin on this Airy Wednesday!

I am loving that today is Wednesday, that means one day closer to the weekend!

I am loving that I am back to blogging again, I have missed it oh so very much!

I am loving that I am going to go hang out with 2 of my friends Boone and Daniel I have not seen them in like 2 weeks :(

I am loving that Saturday I will be getting my toe nails done with my sweet baby cousin Taylor, it will be nice catching up with her :)

I am loving that Saturday after the toe nails are done I am Nashville bound to hang out Rach one of my friends who I love and adore to death...

I am loving that Sunday Judy and I will be taking a hiking trip for the day! Cannot wait it will be so much fun...

I am loving that tomorrow I get my hair highlighted :) I cannot wait to see what color it will end up being ! However I trust Kirstie and I know she will do an amazing job...

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Pedicures and highlights? Sounds like a perfect combo to me!