Monday, August 29, 2011

Lying Games!

Lying Games
So I bet you are wondering exactly what the Lying Games are right? 
well It is actually a new show series on ABC Family!
It is made by the ones who make Pretty Little Liars :)
In case you do not know what the show Pretty Little Liars are here a picture of the girls...

So now here is where you get my little secret from this movie.... I love all 4 of those girls however my favorite one just so happens to be  Ari :) 
Now for you girls who watch the show you will know that Ari is dating Ezra :) Well just so happens that I am  in love with him just a little... I guess it happens to the best of us and here is him :)
So now that you know a few of my little secrets I will get back to the Lying Games :) Here are some pictures from the new show! hope you like it ladies!!!

I honestly think you should tune in on ABC Family one Monday @ 8p to check it out ! I promise you will fall in love with this new show series a lot of people have so why not make it easier on yourself and be the next :) Enjoy ladies...

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