Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IM LOVIN... that I spent today with Anjelica. She is one of my good friends and I am glad that she wanted me to do her wedding stuff with her... It was a bittersweet time however, I am happy sad and all the above for her. Her apartment was empty which was sad because I know that her time here is coming to an end to where she will be now living in Mississippi with her soon to be husband. I am so glad that she found someone however sad because I will miss her tons... We got the wedding ring today then had her wedding dress altered... I swear by the time its over I may just cry more then her...

IM LOVIN... that tomorrow Anjelica, Bridgette, Josh and I are going to Cummin Falls yay we are gonna go swimming our last big thing together before Anjelica leaves us Friday :( I will more then likely cry as I have to say goodbye for a few weeks 

IM LOVIN... that even though Anjelica leaves Friday and it is going to be bittersweet I get to see her on  her birthday for another fitting which is June 9th then have a big sha bang party that night then that Saturday we will be at Dollywood together yay big smile

IM LOVIN... that Anjelica is getting married to the man of her dreams and her soulmate on July 2nd ... There will be tons of wedding pics to show believe me even a few teary eyed ones

IM LOVIN... that Brent and I are leaving this Friday to head to his hometown to stay for the memorial weekend. It is going to be so much fun seeing all his family I love them oh so much!

IM LOVIN... all this amazing weather we are having this week! It is a piece of heaven I do believe!


Rebecca said...

You're very lucky to have such a great friend! I'm sure y'all will find a way to stay close even with the distance!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I do yes she is a sweetheart. We say we got doubles because both of our hunny's are named Brent... we have decided that there will be tons of vacations to see one another so I cannot wait