Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday fun :)

Yesterday I had to work an 8 hour shift but once I got off I went for a 2 mile walk.

Leah and Corey are my two favorite ones out of this whole show. They have the cutest babies ever, Alianna and Aleeah are just so darn cute how can you not love those girls. I am in love with them... I think Leah and Corey have been threw so much yet they have did such a good job and remembering its not just about them its about their children. 

Chelsea I also love her too but she is so stupid and blonde I swear. Why would anyone want to be with some asshole who does not give a damn about her.Adam and her will never last and if they do she will be miserable. If Brent had ever done that to me I would be done with it for good I know I am better then that and so is she. She could find a great guy to love her and her daughter Aubrey both..

Jennelle is an unfit mother she does not deserve to have her son especially when she smokes weed in front of her mother's home or where ever else for that matter. That boy she is with is awful he is not good for her and will use her in the end. She will be lucky if she ever  gets custody back of her son and I was that girl's mother I would beat her ass for doing the shit she has done thats awful. I could never imagine doing any of that shit instead I would be trying to get my life to gether to better me and my son if I was her.

Kailyn who knows how to react with her she is sweet and all but the lies will eat her up. If she does not love the daddy of her baby then she does need to move on but I also think that his parents should stay out of her life and let her live it the way she wants to.

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