Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 2 Things You Have Learned About Money....

     I have learned that money don't really grow on trees!! I use to think it did however when I was younger and had no bills to pay, while my parents paid all my bills for me. It really don't grow on trees no matter how much everyone on this earth may like it too but if by some odd chance it really truly does please pretty please let me in on this amazing little secret :) I now being an adult while having to pay my own bills appreciate my parent very much for all they did for me when younger like buy my toys, cars, gas, clothes,insurance, tags and whatever else I needed  I am sure I was an expensive daughter I guess I should be glad that I am still loved by them both....

     I have learned that I need to really save money because who knows when you will need it and may not have it or maybe not enough so if you have saved your money you do not really have to worry about that. I know for me if you save money that gives you money that you have worked hard to earn to buy some nice things like clothes, upgrading furniture and ect :)

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