Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

I love that I got to tell him Happy Father's Day first thing this morning as well as later on in the evening to be able to go have dinner with him.. I am truly blessed..

This is what I wrote to my sweet father today:
Daddy thank you for holding me tight when I was a baby I know you so wanted to keep me protected.. Thank you for being there when I took my first steps in the world & for holding my hand until I got there.. Thank you for always being my partner in crime.. Thank you for teaching me how to succeed in life while playing by the rules.. Thank you for guiding me into the person whom I am today.. Thank you for telling me that a lot of men out there are not worthy of my love & attention & most of all thank you for being honest & meaning it.. Thank you for offering your shoulder to cry on when I had my first big break up & first true heartbreak.. You knew I was upset & didn't even have to ask.. Thank you for shoeing me exactly the kind of man whom I deserve to marry.. I can only hope he is half the man you are someday.. Thank you for taking the time to truly be a part of my life every single day.. I will forever & always cherish all of our precious moments together with one another.. I could not have asked GOD for a better man to be my father & grandfather to my children someday.. Thank you for believing in me, for loving me, for laughing with me, for smiling with me, for having father/daughter days alone together with me, for teaching me life lessons, for supporting me & so much more.. Happy Father's Day to you Daddy.. I love you so very much & not a single day comes or goes that I am not grateful for you & all the things you have done & continue to do for me..

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