Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jurassic World : Hello Dinosaurs

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Growing up you better bet I sat right down in front of the television anytime the Jurassic Park movies were on. I truly loved them oh so very much! I think my favorite one was always the very first one made until I seen Jurassic World that is..

I never thought in a million years that another Jurassic would be released but once I found out that another was to be release you better bet I done a happy dance! I was in heaven to say the least..

The week prior to Jurassic World coming out in theater they played all the previous ones on the television & I was more then happy to relive my childhood & watch them all...

If you liked the Jurassic Park movies then trust me when I say you will love Jurassic World... I love the turn & twist in the movie! Overall it was just as amazing as all the others but only better.. It is now my favorite one of them all & I cannot wait until it releases on DVD because it will become mine :)

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