Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patty's

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Happy St Patty's Day to all you sweet ladies.. I hope you all have fun today with family friends & of course the little ones involved around activities :) Hello all things green today unless you wanna get pinched...

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I think its safe to say no one will be pinching me... See my neon green? That counts right? I hope so!

I was so looking forward to hiking today with one of my friends Sarah! The weather was perfect for us if I do say so myself hello 70 degree weather.. You make me one happy lady just so you know! After our hike we went straight to the gym which we done for about an hr which was less then normal but that was just fine with us!

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After our workout Sarah had to go home to get ready for work but I didn't wanna go home just yet! I wanted to make a stop at I Hop. For the past few days I had been craving some French Toast & Seasoned Fries & you better believe that is exactly what I got.. However, after all was said & done I felt like I needed a gym session! Oh the irony of greasy fattening foods..

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On a good ending note for the night before the fun begins: How cute is this dress? Is it not just adorable? 

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Laynah said...

Haha your green definitely counts! Very cute. Happy late St. Patricks Day!

Mrs. Southern Mama said...

I dont own too many green clothes so I got pinched left & right yesterday for not wearing the St. Patties color!