Monday, February 2, 2015

What Day Is It? Movie Day...

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Yesterday morning I woke up to one rainy day outside. It was very gloomy needless to say! I didn't want to stay hoarded up inside all day so I decided to go watch a movie.. Why not after all I go all the time anyway as it is ha!

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I showered, changed out of my jammies into another pair of comfy clothes that was presentable to leave the house wearing then off I went to the movies to see Boy Next Door.. My mother decided she wanted to tag along too! Why not? More the merrier..

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Now for anyone who knows me they know I am not a huge fan of popcorn at all.. I had my free popcorn pass that I gave to my mother to use because it ran out this coming week! However, little did I know that because it was super bowl Sunday that they were giving away free popcorn as well. Mom ended up with two bags of popcorn! Better her then me ha..

Oh & before asked yes I watched the game I just watched it after the fact so that I could go to the movies first.. I however still cannot believe that with one yard left Hawks didn't run the ball instead they threw it... Shame shame boys! Bad call on your part..

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