Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jackson Hole

If someone was to ask me where I would like to go too on my next vacation I think I would truly say Jackson Hole. I am going to tell you ladies where I would stay, what car I would use, & the things I would do while there! I hope you sweet ladies enjoy this post.. Who knows by the end of this you may just wanna join me on this little trip! 

I bet you are curious as to where Jackson Hole is located at correct? Well do not worry I am right now as we speak about to let you in on that little secret! Jackson Hole is in a little valley located in Wyoming.

While researching when I would like to go to I can honestly let you ladies know that I would go while it's Fall.. That seems like the perfect time of year if you ask me! Especially since I love photography! I know that I could take some really amazing photos of everything that Jackson Hole has to offer!

When I first looked at locations to stay at while there I truly fell in love with the Lodge! I loved how unique it was & how detailed certain things were! Here some some photos! I hope you fall in love with it as much as me..

While there I know I would need to use a rental car & if the only place to rent from was Relay Rides I would haven chosen to go with using a Chevrolet Camaro, they own! The best part of that is that its in one of my favorite colors which is black! Don't get much better then that! I also love that I pretty much could drive what ever I wanted since it would not have been Winter yet there.. 

I bet you are wondering how in the world I would even know about Relay Rides correct? Well that is the simple part... Relay Rides are a peer to peer car rental service. Which means you can either rent your own car out to allow others to rent it or you can rent it like I would if I was going on a trip such as this one! See so you will either make some money or give some money up.. I still love the fact that they will meet you at the airport which is the best part :) 

I know for me as far as what airports I would fly out of my options are going to be either Nashville International Airport out of Nashville or Tyson Mcghee Airport which is out of Knoxville. I would then fly into Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming which happens to be the largest airport in Wyoming! Let's hope I wouldn't get too lost hehe.. At the end all I gotta do is meet my ride!

After being able to get into my rental car you better bet that I would be wanting to explore Jackson Hole... Some of the places that I wanted to go & see look amazing!
 I wanted to go see the following places:
Grand Teton National Park

National Elk Refuge

Hole View from Snow King picture in Jackson Hole

Granite Hot Springs

After visiting all those places you better believe that I would have worked up an appetite! I looked & searched for some food places that I either knew I would love or that I thought I might come to love! 
Some of those places I picked were:
The Bird

Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

Bubba's Bar B Que

Even though I didn't decided to plan this too be a week long trip! Here is too a nice short get away.. I now think I need to go make plans to make this happen! What do you ladies think?Anyone wanna join hehe?

PS here are a few more photos that I love of Jackson Hole enjoy!
Hole View from Snow King picture in Jackson Hole

Hole View from Snow King picture in Jackson Hole

Hole View from Snow King picture in Jackson Hole

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