Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1 of October

So the challenge is too blog every day this month! Hmm this might be hard for me.. I have not been the best blogger all Summer! I truly have taken a step back from blogging but that is not to say that I do not miss it something terrible.. I just find it hard to find time to blog so much anymore between work, the gym, & trying to still make time for those loved ones in my life!

Helene in Between

So here is to starting Day 1 of October which just so happens to be my favorite month of the year wahoo...

Plan W24112BG: Florida, Photo Gallery, Mediterranean, Luxury, Beach, Premium Collection, European House Plans & Home Designs. Perfection!

Today's prompt is: If I won the lottery...

This within itself is a loaded question If I must say so myself.However if I have to choose just one thing I would do if I won the lottery then, I would without a doubt be all about buying a house right next to the water...  Coastal living? Yes please!

You see that house in the above photo? That exact is house is what I would love to own.. I can so see myself living in that pretty little house! I can just imagine a huge master along with a gigantic kitchen with open rooms of course & nothing blocked off!

Basement Bar

Curtains to one side (Master) The Cliffs Cottage at Furman: Southern Living Magazine Showhome : Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

I can just imagine myself each & every morning waking up sitting on the back deck on the patio enjoying the sunrise hearing waves crash against the sand while seagulls swoop down & back up again into the sky with a hopeful glimpse of dolphins jumping up from the crashing waves in the backdrop of the waters! 

I truly would spend every single moment possible out on that back deck or down by the water! Now with all that said fingers crossed that I some day win the lottery :)

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