Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17 of October

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Today's Prompt Is: I'm An Expert At

I so believe that I am over thinking this... But truthfully I have wracked my brain over & over again but I keep coming up empty! I don't know that anyone can truly be an expert because we are all human & make mistakes! So if we still make mistakes can that still make us an expert at something?

So after giving myself a big fat headache from over thinking I decided instead just to jot down some of the things I am good at which allows me to make mistakes! I now solved my headache problem hehe..

I think I am good at:
being a girlie girl
drinking mt dew
drinking coca cola
riding horses
hiking several miles at a time
taking care of small children
putting on makeup
decorating the house for each season
curling my hair

I am sure my list could go on & on but enough of this list! This was a hard day to answer & this girl with the headache now needs a nap to make it go away hehe...

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Christina Schergen said...

fun list! i like the idea of bloggin everyday...what a i would totally Glad I stumbled across your sweet little blog! newest follower here :)