Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 of October

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Today's Prompt Is: Funniest Memory From Childhood

I am just going to say that first & foremost I am not sure this truly happened to me as a child. However if it did then it truly was funny for several people.. Over the years several have gotten good laughs at my expense! Oh & do not worry you will laugh too at my expense I'm sure..

My cousin once said that when I was barely of walking age that I ended up drinking out of my puppy's doggy bowl! Instead of water they had for some odd reason placed some milk in it & I thought it was mine! I drink every last drop of it & by the time they seen what I was doing it was too late! 

Now do I remember this? No not even close too remember this happening! I truly am not sure it even did to be honest I think they made it up.. However if they did not make it up all I can say now as an adult is gross! It makes me now need to go brush my teeth a lot just even thinking about it lol...

Are you ladies laughing yet at my expense?

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