Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey

The trailer is finally here for the trilogy of Fifty Shades!

Have you ladies read all the books or any of the books?

What have you each pictured the characters as?

I know for me whom I pictured the characters as was not the two in whom they picked sadly! 

That makes me not so thrilled to say the least :( 

When I think of Christian Grey I think of tall, tanned, well dressed, smoking hot, short hair! 

When  I think of Anna I think of short, semi tan, dressed ok until Christian dresses her, long hair, cute & adorable!

Neither characters picked are that! They are so far from that to be exact in my opinion...

How does everyone else feel? I am curious...

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Katie Elizabeth said...

I still haven't read these books.. I'm ashamed of myself!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I love the song in the trailer! Its just a good rendition! I like who they picked for Anna, but Christian just didn't right... hopefully the movie will change my mind!