Saturday, May 3, 2014

Unwind Time

The one place that I could sit at forever, & never get tired of staring into the deepest blue I have ever seen. Its a place where I can sit & think the best. A place where nothing matters but what is in the little moments & that little place is known as the beach!

As I unfold my beach lounger & place it down on the sand my mind begins to unwind. The most spectacular sights jump into my eyes. As far as my eyes can see they see only the most colorful turquoise water in front of me. Surfers in their bright colors grab their boards & head into the unknown. Light colored sail boats disappear into the distance. Looking out I see dolphins peaking out of the water. I cannot help but think how free & careless those little sea creatures are. Their little grayish blue color shimmers in the fiery orange sky making me smile that  I can see such beauty, even if just for a few moments!

Relaxing a bit more, I become aware of the sounds in which surround me. The seagulls seem to speak to one another in their own little language while scouring the shore for food. Ocean tide crashes against the shore, leaving massive waves to make a comforting sound soft to the ear.

Standing up from my comfy lounger, I can feel the sun's rays embrace my tanned skin. Walking farther down the shore the wet sand squishes between my toes. The wind blows softly & tousles my hair away from my face.

Being lost in the little moments but being able to cherish them is what makes unwinding so great! Its a calm before the storm... Being at the beach is my way to unwind! What is your way to unwind?

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