Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things I Am Lovin

I am loving my new header that I made for my blog! Its so me & so darn cute & adorable & the pics are new :)

I am loving that Sunday Meg & I went to Rock Island. It was so much fun getting to hike & explore this new place.. It is only 30 minutes from us in Rock Island! We are without a doubt going to back for more trips this upcoming Summer! They have so much too offer.. They also have a restaurant there as well called Foglight which I have been too but only of a night so I could never explore other things in Rock Island... That place has amazing food! 

I am loving that when I start my work week off on Thursday it is suppose to be pretty all week! I really hope that does not change.. I think I will be very upset otherwise...

I am loving that tonight we are all bringing in finger foods to work! Hello goodies & too many pounds gained... I think I will need to hike a lot of miles after!

I am loving that Meg & I are planning a trip to Cumberland Cavern this summer before our Gatlinberg trip in July to go into the Adventure part of it.. Hello down & dirty! We cannot wait to crawl slide & so much more that most do not do!

PS: I will do a post either Thursday or Friday of the trip Meg & I took too Rock Island..

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