Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet Letters

Pottery Barn:
I love you already.. I love most of the things in which you have however after today I think I might love you even more... I really want these 3 items below! Are they not cute ladies? I think the 2 nautical stands & the owl topper is too darn cute.. It's hard not to want them all!

Destin Florida:
 Why do you seem so far away? I am ready to be at you already.. As it currently stands today I have exactly 43 more days until I am beach bound & it seems to be going by so slow.. I am not very patient can you tell? 

I am so thankful that you, Kelly, & Kaitlyn have moved back here.. That means I can have more time with you all verses coming to the beach & visit.. However no more beach visits to the Carolina's will be sad!

Priscilla, Kristen, & Megs:
I love that I got to spend step with you three girls on Monday & since then we have been to something together every day since! I love that we have started going to fit classes together & Meg I love that we are going to be doing some obstacle 5k runs together! You girls truly are a blessing in my life here is to us getting fit & getting in shape! I know we can do it :)

I love that I will get to be spending this Sunday with you at Dollywood! I love that you will always be my baby cousin even if you are not so little anymore but what I love most now is that since you are older there is always so much that we can do together to stay close :) I love you sweet girl...

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Jetsettin Daisy said...

Love that anchor decor! Have fun in Dollywood!!!!